Members of RLSS (India) Appointed at ILSF Sports Commission

Anez Katre

Lifesaving Sports Education

RLSS (I) Lifesaver of the Year 2014, National Level Swimmer, Master Trainer, Swimming and Lifesaving Coach

 Tom Joseph

Future of Lifesaving Sports

Licensee Partner RLSS (India), President BayLife Kerala, Lifesaving Instructor, Master Trainer, NIS Certified Coach


With over 25 years of experience in the field of education, Anez Katre brings maturity and experience in the fields of Lifesaving & Safe Swimming. A national level swimmer in college,
Anez began he
r association with RLSS (I) in the year 2001 and thereafter has been actively promoting Life Saving skills. Over the years she has trained innumerable students as Lifesavers & Lifeguards. 

She has also represented India at various National and International competitions as a Technical official, including Commonwealth Games and the World Life Saving Sports Championships.

For her dedication and commitment to the Lifesaving Sport, Anez has received various international awards.

2018 – Bronze Medallion for service to World Life Saving Championships

2015 – Service Cross presented by the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth

2014 – Life Saver of the year award presented by President RLSS Australia at Rescue INDIA 2014 at Pune, India 

After serving in the Indian Air Force from 1986 to 2006 Tom dedicated his life to Lifesaving.  He has been associated with RLSS (India) since 2008 as licensee partner.

Tom has many achievements to his credit. He is President of  BayLife, Kerala, a Lifesaving Instructor, NIS certified Coach for  Kayaking and Canoeing, a qualified Parasailing Instructor and an International Race Official Grade 2 (Dragon Boat).He has officiated at several international Championships.

Tom has trained innumerable lifesavers and lifeguards. He is also a trainer for operation of water sports centre in 5 states of India and conducts adventure and water sports training programs for the tourism department of 6 major states of India.

Trainer Tom has conducted numerous adventure camps for children, the youth and veterans in Schools, Colleges, Adventure organisations.

He is also on the Advisory Board of the Pune District water sports activities.

A true Lifesaver at heart Tom has rescued and saved many lives during the Kerala floods in 2018.

Sebastian Raj

Sports For All

Associated with RLSS (India) since 2011, President ILLSF, Lifesaving Instructor

 Abhijeet Bhattacharya

Lifesaving Sports Equipments

RLSS (I) Lifesaver of the Year 2019-2020, Master Trainer, Secretary General Awesome Lifesaving Society (Varanasi)

Promoting lifesaving training and lifesaving sports since 2012 in India. He has been associated with RLSS (India) since 2011. Participated in various sports and is an athlete in the Master’s category. 

Having exposure to Olympics Games and Masters World Championship, he brings in national as well international experience. 

Sebastian Raj is also President of ILLSF since 2019.

Sebastian has been awarded with the Best Rescuer Award for  Chennai Flood by the Chennai MunicipalCorporation in 2015 and Real Heroes Award  for flood rescue by the Government of Kerala in 2018. He has also been nominated for National Disaster Management Award in 2018.

Sebastian has risen to be an accomplished team member of the lifesaving team in India.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya, discovered his love for swimming at the age of 15 and within the span of three year he became a National Level Swimmer, Water Polo player, qualified Lifesaver and a Lifesaving Sports athlete. 

He made a dedicated effort to acquire “Trainer Status” completing all 3 levels & became a Master Trainer/Examiner within the next 10 years. Now he is Secretary General of “Awesome Lifesaving Society (Varanasi)”.

His dedication and honesty in pursuance of the cause of lifesaving frequently made him a part of the management team at Lifesaving Sports events.  The unique “Rescue Banaras 2015” Aquatic Lifesaving Championships in the river Ganges and on its hallowed sand banks remains a credit to Abhijeet.

Apart from being an accomplished trainer, Abhijeet is a compassionate lifesaver, with many live and successful interventions to his credit at accident and drowning sites.  With over 10,000 lifesavers trained under his care, he remains a shining example for others to emulate.

A Good Samaritan at heart and displaying unstinted devotion to the cause of “Lifesaving” Abhijeet Bhattacharya was recently presented the “Lifesaver of the Year Award for 2019-20.