In case of Cardiac Arrest, abnormal or no rhythm of heart muscles can cause the heart to stop pumping blood. If this is not treated within minutes the victim can die. Although with CPR we can maintain circulation,  sometimes the heart may not start beating.  Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) machine analyses the victim’s heart rhythm and tells you how to give electric shock(s) if  needed. It also guides with voice command on how to do CPR (for untrained persons). Thus AED helps restarting normal rhythms of the heart. During CPR, use of an oxygen kit also improves the result by providing higher percentage of oxygen to the  brain, and therefore results in quicker recovery.
  • Training Method – Theory + Practical + Exam
  • Course Duration –  4 Hours
  • Minimum Age – 16 years
  • Prerequisites – Nil

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