A Lifesaver is trained at rescuing a drowning person while keeping himself/herself safe and is capable of giving CPR and first aid. In Open Water Lifesaver training one learns safe entry into natural water, swift/safe approach and rescue of drowning victims in ponds or other natural water bodies. There are different methods of safely approaching a victim in water, executing a rescue and reviving him/her. This training also covers under water search and all the protocols of first aid. INDIA needs “Open Water Lifesavers” in large numbers to make it a safer country and erase the stigma that “Life is cheap in India”. 
  • Training Method – Theory + Practical + Exam
  • Course Duration –  30 Hours
  • Minimum Age – 14 years
  • Prerequisites – 300 meters swim in 10 minutes, 25 mtr underwater swim, can stand with hands up un deep water for           2 mins – (eggbeater kick), 500 meters beach run in 2 mins (Beach Lifesaver)

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