The Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) is the “Official” branch of the Royal Life Saving Society (Commonwealth), and a Full Member of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS).

The RLSS (I) was formed in August, 1998 by a joint Agreement between – The Royal Life Saving Society UK, the Royal Life Saving Society Australia and the Indian Maritime Foundation Pune, India.


The motto of Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) is ‘Whomsoever you see in distress, see in him/her a fellow being’. We aim to create a first responder in every home in order to promote:

– Safer homes
– Safer workplaces and
– Safer public areas


  • Providing educational programmes in operational safety, first aid, and resuscitation.
  • Promoting public awareness in safer working conditions through publicity, education, public events, and functions.
  • Promoting public awareness of safety elements in and around water bodies.

The Organisation imparts structured and disciplined training in the techniques, procedures, and knowledge required to confidently and efficiently save a life through recovery, revival & first aid. It hopes to extend this expertise among as many as possible and as early as feasible.

Our Story

In July 1997, Rear Admiral P. D. Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Sharma shifted their residence to Pune, India. Having been witness to an accident that claimed 29 very young lives, when a school bus jumped the rails of Wazirabad bridge near Delhi and plunged into the river below prompted the Admiral to launch an organisation that would empower people with lifesaving skills. Some children had to swim to safety, while some stayed in the bus in shock and some who tried to swim away drowned in water. Fortunately, there was a fisherman around, who recovered the childrens’ bodies and placed them on the bank of the river. The death of the children for want of first-Aid was both an opportunity and a gap that needed immediate attention. The Admiral started Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) on August 2, 1998, which was officially accepted by the Charities Commissioner in 2001. Since then, the Society under the leadership of Admiral Sharma has been training youth in India with skills that would empower them to help a person in distress. The Society trains youth to be first responder for accidents both on land and in water.

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Meet our Leaders

Under the leadership of Rear Admiral Purushottam Dutt Sharma, Rashtriya Life Saving Society India has trained over 400,000 local youth in lifesaving skills and first-aid. Adm. Sharma is assisted by Mrs. Kavita Sharma, Vice President-Finance and Operations and other volunteers.