Resuscitation is the preservation or restoration of life by the maintenance of airway, breathing, circulation, and related emergency care.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Trauma care programmes involve the basics of rescue and revival techniques before professional help arrives.

Trauma Management

“FIRST AID”, the noble act of helping a victim of an accident comprises two parts i.e. ‘Recovery’ and ‘Revival’.


Save A Baby training programme is aimed at creating awareness and educating mothers and caregivers  on how to save a life of an infant or child in case of an emergency.

Save A Baby

An AED is a machine that reads or analyses the victim’s heart rhythm and tells you to give an electric shock if it will help the victim.

AED and Oxygen Operator Course (AED)

Junior First Aid Workshop aims at creating first aid awareness  among school children in the age group of 11 to 15 years. Through fun activities the children learn first aid and inculcate the will to help others.

Junior First Aid Workshop


Pool Lifesaver training programme aims to create volunteers capable of ensuring safety, providing aquatic rescue capability and giving first aid at swimming pools or at inland water bodies. With growing number of such volunteers, we try to build safer communities.

Pool Lifesaver

Open Water & Beach Lifesaver training program aims to create volunteers capable of aquatic rescue in natural ponds, dams, lakes, rivers & the ocean along with first aid skills. With growing number of such volunteers, we try to build safer communities who live near the water.

Open Water & Beach Lifesaver

A lifeguard is a professional, who operates in a team to ensure his venue is safe and popular with clients and visitors.

Pool Lifeguard

Open Water & Beach Lifeguard training program aims to empower people with knowledge and skills to prevent drowning and other accidents, and maintain safety in the sea and surf off selected and popular beaches.

Open Water & Beach Lifeguard

Swim to Survive is aimed primarily at children, but people of all ages should be able to meet this minimum standard in swimming.

Swim N Survive

Nippers training is also a survival swimming program, with safety lessons and rescue skills on the beach or inland natural waters environment to reduce drowning. It is primarily aimed at children living in coastal areas or nearlarge water bodies.

Nippers Programme


Aquatic Survival and Flood Rescue Training is basic training for flood rescue and self safety in flood rescue. The Training program is developed for various Government Disaster Response Forces.

Aquatic Survival & Flood Rescue Training

Disaster Response Training is an advance training  program  which aims to empower people with a variety of Dry & Wet rescue techniques. This training program prepares the individual to respond swiftly during  different disaster situations . The program has been developed for various Government Disaster Response Forces.

Disaster Response Training

Advanced Search and Rescue Diving program empowers people is various underwater search, rescue & recovery techniques using SCUBA Gear. The Training program has been developed for various Government Disaster Response Forces.

Advance Search & Rescue Scuba Diving (SCUBA)