CPR Training

  • Capacity Building

    Capacity Building & Poverty Reduction

    The United Nations' (UN) first Sustainable Development Goal is to, “End Poverty in all its forms, everywhere” In pursuance of this objective, the Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) focuses on underprivileged youth, trains them as ‘Lifeguards’ and finds them jobs at swimming pools, at open waters, on the beaches, and in the surf. Thousands of these young men and women in the country and abroad are leading a respectable life as “Lifeguards”. Lifeguarding has now become an approved profession in India. We invite all corporate and individuals to join us in our effort to eradicate poverty for we wish to go further and farther to touch more and more underprivileged youth with our training programmes.
    Rs.35,000.00 donated
  • A Lifesaver in every home

    A Lifesaver in Every Home

    As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), road traffic injuries are among the leading causes of death for young adults in the age group of 15–29 years globally. India, alone accounts for nearly 500,000 injured and dead in Road Accidents. The Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) has been working untiringly since its inception in 1998, to create awareness and train people in “Lifesaving Skills” to empower them with the ability to attend to accident victims swiftly and effectively to Save Lives. We seek your support to create a huge bank of Lifesavers perhaps ONE IN EVERY HOME to add value to life and erase the stigma that ‘Life is Cheap in India’.
    Rs.25,000.00 donated