Meet Mrs. Jayanthi Murugesh, a volunteer with RLSS(I) for over 15 years, who is always ready to help the society. She is a creative artist, a mother, a lifesaver and now helping India fight against Corona virus.

She has set up India’s first ‘All Women’s Life Saving Centre‘ (AWLS) in Chennai promoting safety awareness amongst women, especially mothers, in keeping with RLSS (I)’s belief that ‘if you teach a woman first aid & lifesaving skills, she will take them back to her entire family and neighbours as well’. For the past many days, Jayanthi has been stitching hundreds of masks from recycled clothes and distributing them to the poor & needy. She has been ably assisted in this task by her son Tarun who is also a certified RLSS (I) Master Trainer and an athlete. On behalf of RLSS (I), we would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to this mother and son duo and pray for them to be safe and healthy.