Restoring Hope: Compassionate Measures in Reviving Individuals Post Water Rescue

Embarking on water rescues demands not just skills but the heart to act swiftly, courageously, and with a deep understanding of life-saving techniques. Yet, the story doesn’t conclude once the victim is brought ashore. The moments following a water rescue are pivotal, holding the key to an individual’s survival. In this blog, let’s explore the heartfelt steps of resuscitation after a water rescue, delving into the intricate process of reviving hope when it matters the most.

Swift Assessment of Vital Signs:

As we step onto dry land, the first act is to connect with the person we’ve saved – checking for responsiveness, breathing, and a pulse. In moments of unconsciousness or when breath eludes them, time becomes our most precious ally.

Initiate CPR Immediately:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) becomes the lifeline in these scenarios. We commence with chest compressions and rescue breaths, ensuring a rhythmic dance that sustains oxygen circulation. Every second becomes a heartbeat in this symphony of life.

Embracing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs):

AEDs emerge as trusted companions in our resuscitation journey. When available, we embrace these devices promptly. They become storytellers, analyzing the heart’s rhythm and delivering shocks if needed – a potential restoration of a normal heartbeat, a narrative of life renewed.

Positioning with Care:

The person we’ve pulled from the water deserves a gentle embrace of a firm surface. This aids in effective chest compressions. We delicately position their head, ensuring an open airway, a channel for unobstructed breathing – a small gesture, yet monumental in its impact.

Monitor and Adjust:

We become vigilant guardians, constantly reassessing the condition of our saved companion. Signs of improvement guide us to persist in our care. In the absence of response, we reassess, adapting our resuscitation efforts with empathy and determination.

Harmonize with Emergency Services:

In the midst of resuscitation, a call to emergency services becomes a heartfelt plea for collaboration. Our words, clear and concise, convey the urgency of the situation and our location. Professional assistance intertwines with our efforts, creating a tapestry of comprehensive rescue.

Embracing the Chill – Hypothermia Considerations

Water rescues expose our companions to the cold embrace of water. We address hypothermia with tender care – wrapping them in blankets, monitoring body temperature. Each act becomes a shared warmth, a commitment to comfort in the face of adversity.

Post-Resuscitation Care:

 The success of resuscitation marks not an end but a hopeful beginning. As consciousness returns, we become devoted observers. Seeking medical attention, we address underlying issues, ensuring a thorough evaluation – a commitment to sustained recovery.


Written by…

George Makasare

Vice President(Ops – Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) & Committee Member of Guideline Development Group for WHO Intr.

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