Preventing Tragedy: The Importance of Child Safety and Effective Response Protocols

A few weeks ago, I read a news item in a newspaper. It reported the death of a child, who choked on a banana in a school. I believe she was playing at the time of the incident. An investigation followed, and concerns were raised about implementing remedial measures to prevent a recurrence.

To my mind, there were options to consider like:

  1. Allow children to eat only at a designated place under supervision.
  2. Make sure children do not eat anything while running, playing, or even walking.
  3. Tell children why and how ‘choking’ occurs and how dangerous it is.

But the school banned bananas in school, as if one cannot choke on an apple or a sandwich.

A simple protocol of 5 back slaps followed by abdominal thrusts until the airway clears could have saved a life.

Be the Solution. Be a Lifesaver.

written by:

PDS of RLSS (India)

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