RLSS (I) Goes to Australia to Participate in Lifesaving World Championship 2024

Rashtriya Lifesaving Society (India) or RLSS (INDIA) was founded on 2nd August 1998 to add value to life in the country and erase the stigma that life is cheap in India. There were many drowning cases and accidents but rarely attended to until too late. An Ex Indian Naval Fighter pilot, I with RLSS (I) took it upon ourselves to create a huge bank of lifesavers, by empowering people with lifesaving skills to attend to accident victims on land and in water to save lives to the extent of coining a dream slogan of ”Training a Lifesaver in Every Home!” 

25 years on and we have trained a million, too few for our size and population. Thus our effort to train more and more lifesavers is ongoing. That we were launched with the help of RLSS (CW), RLSS (Australia), became a branch of the Commonwealth, voting member of the International Life Saving Federation and Strategic partner of the Surf Life Saving Australia is a matter of record. 

Lifesaving Sports were invented to attract the youth to the Lifesaving Movement. It has been with this aim that RLSS (India) has held 18 Domestic Championships and participated in similar number of International Events. Played in a Swimming Pool, on the beach and in the Ocean, the Sports is unique and fascinating. Team India shall participate in the Lifesaving World Championship 2024, being held on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia from 20 August to 8 September 2024. It is intended to field three teams , National, Developing anf Club teams. My wife, Kavita and I are attending this Championship (LWC 2024) from 26 August to 03 September as Ambassadors of the event. 


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