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To be Safe is Wise

I was asked, “Why should we learn First Aid?” My response: Life is precious and it must be saved at all cost. General awareness of first aid among people contributes handsomely to our safety and saving of lives. Disasters, both natural and manmade, accidents, mishaps and even sudden illnesses can impact anyone, anywhere, at any time without warning. Faced with such a situation, one has a choice – do nothing as you do not know what to do or respond knowledgably and effectively because you found time to learn basic lifesaving skills or First Aid. Remember, disasters that give us grief are only 15% natural but 85% manmade.  So we are the victims and the cause; care and concern at both ends can in deed save many precious lives.

The most vulnerable section of our population to mishaps and accidents is the youth, men and women in the age group of 15 to 50 years.  Reasons for their vulnerability are many like:

  • Mostly breadwinners in a family have to be on the move regardless of prevailing conditions.
  • Still gaining experience in life and living with a tendency to take risks often convinced of their invincibility.
  • Zest to experience living in all its forms in mountains, jungles, rivers and the sea, all eminently justifiable but not speed, alcohol, or drugs. In moderation they are fine but fatal if indulged in excesses. 

Simple lifesaving skills, if acquired can help your buddy in distress both mental and physical. There are statistics on young people:

  • Left to cope with a drunken friend who was sick, injured or unconscious.
  • Had to deal with asthma attacks.
  • Cope with someone with a head injury. 
  • Help someone who is choking.
  • Admitted to hospital, commonly due to:
    • Road accidents.
    • Falls.
    • Poisoning

In all these situations, a helping hand by a first aider as a first responder can make the difference between life and death. The more we have of them among us the better.

Please learn lifesaving skills and contribute to SAFETY in the community.

Admiral P.D. Sharma

Author: Rear Admiral PD Sharma Retd. Founder & President RLSS (India)

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