One of the most important aspirations of RLSS (India) is the dream to have ‘a lifesaver in every home’. The dream can only be realised if we train lifesavers at a much faster rate involving and encouraging greater number of trainers to train lifesavers.  RLSS (India) having trained half a million lifesavers in over two decades is not enough as we are targeting young adults in almost 350 million homes in the country. To give an impetus to our training effort setting up an Award for those who achieve most in training lifesavers was an obvious choice.  It is hoped that the award of the Trophy will generate all round interest in training more lifesavers. 

The Trophy has been named after Mr. Ron Rankin AM, former President of Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) who was five times awarded “Lifesaver of the Year” by SLSA.

Mrs. Anez Katre, Lifesaver of the year 2014

The Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) instituted the “Lifesaver of the Year” award with Mrs Anez Katre of The Doon School  winning the inaugural award, presented on 4th June 2014 at Pune during Rescue INDIA at the hands of Mrs. Dianne Montalto, President RLSS (Australia). 

Anez  Katre  at the time was an important member on the Doon School faculty. A keen swimmer she promoted lifesaving training at the Doon School and other schools in Dehradun. She also promoted lifesaving sports, bringing a team to participate in most Rescue INDIA National Lifesaving Championships. Now retired and based in Delhi, she keeps in regular touch with RLSS (I).

Tej Narayan Bhagat, Lifesaver of the year 2016

Tej from Pune is a popular Swimming & Lifesaving Sports Coach, Swimming pool operator and maintainer who has been regularly bringing a team to participate in Rescue INDIA series. He has many rescues of drowning victims to his credit.

Tarun Murugesh, Lifesaver of the year 2017 

Tarun has represented in most National & World Lifesaving Sports Championships and has done India proud, winning many medals. Based in Chennai, he is a Master Trainer for Lifesaver/Lifeguard and helps his mother, Ms Jayanthi Murugesh running an “All Women’s Lifesaving Centre of RLSS (I) in Tamil Nadu.

Criteria for selection for the award of “LIFESAVER OF THE YEAR”

  • Must be a volunteer lifesaver.
  • Must be 16 years or above of age. 
  • Must be proficient in English and/or the language he/she wishes to train in.
  • Must be literate with basic understanding of language, ability to read and write.
  • Must have current award to the level of training lessons he/she may be called upon to impart.
  • Must be financially solvent.
  • Must have contributed to lifesaving and community safety activities during the past year or more. Longer involvement with the Lifesaving Movement shall be preferred during the assessment.
  • Must be associated with and in good standing with RLSS (I).
  • Must display continued commitment to RLSS (I) and it programmes.
  • Must be capable of acting as a representative or an ambassador of RLSS (I).
  • Must submit details of any outstanding rescues, contributions or achievements. 
  • Must submit either in writing or at interview an opinion about the future of lifesaving in India, its development and solutions for challenges currently faced by RLSS (I).
  • Consideration will be given to recognize prior learning/current expertise in lifesaving skills at the discretion of the National Headquarters if recommended by a branch head or licensee.
  • Nominations for the Lifesaver of the Year Award should be endorsed or recommended by a person of authority such as the Head of the local RLSS (I) Branch/Licensee or an Officer from the District/State/Central authority in recognition of the contribution made by the Nominee in providing relief to the public in times of distress or disasters.   

Selection and Award of Trophy

  • Nominations for the Award should reach the National Headquarters by 30th of December for the Award to be presented at the ‘Rescue India’ National Lifesaving Sports Championship in the following year.
  • Upon receipt of nominations, an Evaluation Committee will be constituted to assess and recommend the Winner briefly giving reason for the same to the President for his final approval.
  • The presentation of the Award shall be made at the conclusion of the annual National Sports Lifesaving Championship when a large gathering of Lifesavers, athletes and guests are expected to be present.
  • The Trophy will be awarded to the winner at the hands of the Chief Guest along with a certificate and replica.

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